Thursday, December 10, 2009

is gonna talk shit, until he means it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

i might be
looking for

i might be
looking at

i might be
listening for

i might be
listening to

i might be
waiting for

i might be
waiting and

Monday, November 16, 2009

Spider and Fly

Oh no!
Said the spider the fly
you got caught up
now it's time to die
so say your prayers and close your eyes
but hurry up because their isn't too much time
because once my mouth starts to drip
you better love every tick and tock,
but please don't talk too much
it makes it better for the both of us

Hold on! Don't eat me just yet!
I know, you don't want to hear me beg..
but I got too many reasons to live
I got a baby mama wife
and three baby little kids
you should really hear me out
and I will tell you what I found
In a hole deep in the ground
treasure beyond measure you'll see
I will show you if you set me free

Come on Fly, you must joking!
You'll slip away as soon as I'm not looking


Monday, August 31, 2009

My my my my

Well I am pleased to meet your acquaintance
for the first time since you left
I still remember the dress you wore
when you looked surprised, and said "whatchya doing here?"

Well Iv'e bee hanging my head
In the space beneath my bed
And I have made friends with the dark
Because I can't see where you are

Out of sight,
Out of my my my my

Paper trails and perfume notes
All go up in a cloud of smoke
Ashes come as ashes go
but the embers burnt my double tongue

Well I buried that bone
beneath the willow tree
and it's been many a moon
and now it's back to bother me

Out of sight,
Out of my my my my

And Mono Lisa plagiarized,
the perfect brown of your brown eyes,
the subtle sin of olive skin,
You caught me throw me back again

Oh when I lie well I lie low
beneath the truth were it shows
And I'll take thirsty and blind
before I drown again in your brown eyes

Out of sight,
Out of my my my my

Out of sight,
Out of my my my my

Monday, August 24, 2009

I wish I could buy you time of day, so you could spend it all on me, and you could still have your space.

Friday, July 31, 2009

make me

I've been waiting for the thunder clap
the thunder clap
to bring me back
And I've been waiting for the break of dawn
to see his face
to shoot his gun

but I can only wait for so long
make me or break me, or I'm going have to do it on my own

I've been waiting for a lightning strike
a lightning strike
to make things right
And Iv'e been sitting at the wishing well
wishing I
could throw myself

but I can only wait for so long
I am I am, just human
but I can only wait for so long
make me or break me, or I'm going have to do it on my own

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Flying Blind

K5: |0220--|/|0550--|, |00220-|/|00550-|, chorus=Amin->|-323--|->|-212--|

I looked into your eyes
i didn't see my reflection
your supple smile
just hangs like a question
Well I have relied
on the kindness of strangers
so I eat from your hand
indifferent to danger

Can you give me a light(show me the light/give me a sign)?
Because I
am flying blind

I'm loosing control
of platonic perception
perhaps it gets old
defying convention

Monday, May 11, 2009

hold up

Kapo on 2: 1=[320303] 2=[022000] 3=[-32303] 4=[-54503] 5=[7670707]
verse: 1->2: , chorus: 3->4, bridge: 1->5:

hold up
i am not dead nor sleeping
going down nor sinking
believing much nor thinking
but you can't be a wolf unless you
howl at the moon
so I cocked up my jaw
and waited for an echo

but I looked up.. and saw the stars...

don't stop
I am not worth sparing
just one rusty bearing
could bring the whole thing flaring
and flaming up
- it is nothing just a cup
and that should be enough

because when I look up and see the stars....


slow down
i didn't see this coming
i didn't hear the strumming
there were no drummers drumming
no preachers praying
no choirs crying
the stars are just gases
and souls, window glasses
and it will pass right through us
and stick like molasses

but I look up and see the stars