Monday, May 11, 2009

hold up

Kapo on 2: 1=[320303] 2=[022000] 3=[-32303] 4=[-54503] 5=[7670707]
verse: 1->2: , chorus: 3->4, bridge: 1->5:

hold up
i am not dead nor sleeping
going down nor sinking
believing much nor thinking
but you can't be a wolf unless you
howl at the moon
so I cocked up my jaw
and waited for an echo

but I looked up.. and saw the stars...

don't stop
I am not worth sparing
just one rusty bearing
could bring the whole thing flaring
and flaming up
- it is nothing just a cup
and that should be enough

because when I look up and see the stars....


slow down
i didn't see this coming
i didn't hear the strumming
there were no drummers drumming
no preachers praying
no choirs crying
the stars are just gases
and souls, window glasses
and it will pass right through us
and stick like molasses

but I look up and see the stars